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About us

Why us?

We use only cowdung to produce compost and the quality that is produced by us is very sustainable and that's what makes us Stand out of the crowd.

We produce the best quality of vermicompost which is 100% cow dung based organic fertilizer from the finest worms from South Africa and Red California worms.The casting which are produced by us are of uncomparable quality.

Why organic?

Our main aim is to promote and develop organic farming in the world and Vermicompost is the only thing which supplies all the vital things to plants which even the chemical fertilisers fail to do and does not have any side effects even when used in  excess and can be used irrespective of soil type and plants 

CVA Dairy Farm

We have a High-tech dairy farm which is been successfully running for the past 25 years 

And from our dairy farm we are able to produce large volume of vermicompost

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Our own farm

We can export to any part of the world irrespective of the volume.

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